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If you’re looking for a really simple and easy to understand Pay As You Go phone then make sure you visit Vodafone.co.uk/PAYG as with Vodafone there are plenty of PAYG options to choose from.

At Vodafone.co.uk/PAYG you will find 7 different PAYG options so you can really find the best plan and deal to suit you needs and requirements.

For example with Vodafone Simply available at Vodafone.co.uk/PAYG calls cost just 20p a minute and text messages are just 10p a minute to any phone, any time, any where in the UK.

Life is really simple with Vodafone Simply as there are three easy ways to get more from you TopUps with Freedom Pack, Text Unlimited and Free Weekends.

Freedom Packs lets you turn a simple £10 TopUp into a massive £50 TopUp of talk and texts which works out as 100  minutes or talking and 300 text messages.

Text Unlimited means that if you TopUp just £5 a month you can text as much as you want on weekday evenings. TopUp £10 a month and you can text as much as you like  in the evenings and on weekends and £30 a month lets you text message unlimited all day every day.

You can get Free Weekends if you use £5 worth of credit during the week. So that means you can talk and text as much as you like on weekends if you’ve used £5 during the week.

Go to Vodafone.co.uk/PAYG >>