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If you’re looking to really put that HD Ready TV to the test then make sure you check out the HD offering from Virgin Media at VirginMedia.com/TV.

HD TV has come a long way and now you can save £100 on a V+ HD Box at VirginMedia.com/TV which lets you Pause, Rewind and Record live TV, record entire series at the touch of a button and of course watch things in HD.

You can get Virgin Media TV for Free at VirginMedia.com/TV with their Medium Package if you take out a Virgin Phone Line. This package offers you 45 Digital TV Channels.

The Virgin Media TV Large Package gives you 100 channels and cost just £10 a month with a Virgin Phone Line, and the XL Package offers over 145 Digital TV Channels and costs just £21.50 a month with a Virgin Phone Line.

Go to VirginMedia.com/TV