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If you’re keen to put your HD Ready TV to the test, and would like to know exactly which Virgin Media TV channels are available in HD with each TV package, then make sure you go to VirginMedia.com/HDTV as there you will be able to find out exactly that.

At VirginMedia.com/HDTV you can see exactly which channels are available in HD with the three main Virgin Media TV packages. For example with the Virgin Media M and L package, you get 6 different channels available in high definition, including BBC, ITV 1, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Film Four.

With the Virgin Media XL package, however, you get a whopping 23 channels available in high definition, as these include Comedy Central, Dave, Discovery, ESPN, Eurosport, Living, MTV,  Sky 1, Sky Arts, Watch and many more.

Go to VirginMedia.com/HDTV >>