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If you’re looking to experience TV like never below then make sure you go to VirginMedia.com/Sky6 to see how you can switch to Virgin Media and get free TiVo box activation, free extra V HD Box for another room and free installation.

Currently at VirginMedia.com/Sky6 if you switch to Virgin Media from Sky, the you will get free TiVo box activation (usually £49.99), free extra V HD Box for another room and  free monthly subscription on your extra box (usually £6.95 a month), free installation (worth £49.99) and free serving and repairs on both boxes.

You new TiVo box will do everything your Sky+ HD box can like pause, rewind and record live TV. However, unlike your Sky+ HD box the TiVo box can record up to three programmes at once, meaning those annoying recording dilemmas will be a thing of the past.

Go to VirginMedia.com/Sky6 >>