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If you would like to experience TV like never before, and a TiVo box that has already been paid for, then make sure you go to VirginMedia.com/Sky5 to see how you can get a free TiVo box activation and more if you switch to Virgin Media.

Currently at VirginMedia.com/Sky5 if you switch to Virgin Media before the 31st January you will get free TiVo box activation worth £49.95, free extra V HD Box for another room usually £6.50 a month, free installation worth £49.95 and free servicing and repairs.

Your free TiVo box will do everything you’d expect like pausing and rewinding live TV, and recording programmes at the touch of a button. You can also record three programmes at once, storing up to 250 hours of your favourite TV.

The clever TiVo box also remembers what you like to watch, making suggestions for your viewing, and even un-deleting things for you if you accidentally delete them. With for free extra box means that you can watch different channels in a different room in the house, at the same time.

Go to VirginMedia.com/Sky5 >>