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If you’re looking to upgrade your existing Sky TV Package then make sure you visit Sky.com/Upgrade to see how easy it is to do exactly that.

Currently at Sky.com/Upgrade you can upgrade your Sky Package to the Sky HD Bundle for just £10.25 extra a month and get a free Sky+ HD Box which will give you access to up to 55 Sky HD Channels, depending on your current Sky TV Package.

When you do subscribe to the Sky HD Bundle you will be able to enjoy Sky TV with up to fives time better picture detail than standard definition, meaning you can really put you HD Ready TV to the test. You can also do all the same things with your Sky+ HD Box, that you can with your current Sky+ Box.

For example, you will still be able to record programmes at the touch of a button, series link programmes so you don’t have to remember to record it each week. You can also pause and rewind live TV, which is great if the phone rings or the dinners ready.

There are now 55 channels available for you to watch, depending on your current package. Sky Sports, Sky Movies, MTV, Sky Sports News, Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Arts, National Geographic, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and many more have they own sister HD channels which you can watch it they are included in your current package.

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