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For all the latest Mobile Phone offers from O2 make sure you check out O2.co.uk/shop to find great deals on Mobile Phones Handsets, Tariffs, SIM only, Broadband and Laptops !

Currently on O2.co.uk/shop they are showcasing the latest iPhone 3G which is the most powerful iPhone yet which gives you the internet in your pocket like no other phone can.

The new iPhone 3G available at O2.co.uk/shopalso doubles up as your iPod and of course it’s a mobile phone as well. There is also the quality function that the iPhone is really getting known for and that’s built in Maps with GPS so you will never get lost with and iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 3G is exclusive to O2 and one can be yours for just £34.26 a month at O2.co.uk/shop.

Go to O2.co.uk/shop