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If you’re looking to get a more reliable home broadband service then you could do a lot worse than check out the BT Winter Warmer deals at BT.com/HomeHub to see how you can get up to 16Mb BT broadband free for 3 months.

The BT Winter Warmer deal that you may have seen advertised on TV and in the Press is currently available at BT.com/HomeHub and centres around the BT Broadband and Anytime bundle, also called BT Broadband Option 1. The broadband part of this deal gives you up to 20Mb broadband speeds, 10GB monthly allowance, free McAfee security and a free BT Home Hub worth over £90.

The Anytime Calls part of the deal offers unlimited UK calls (which includes numbers starting with 0845 and 0870), free 24/7 customer support and no nasty phone line connection fee for new phone lines. Option 1 also gives you Free Wi-Fi access at over 2 million hotspots nationwide, and 5 GB online backup and storage for a small monthly fee.

How much does it cost?

Well you get the BT Broadband Option 1 deal free for three months, and then it’s £16 a month thereafter for the remainder of the 18 month contract which you need to commit to when signing up. So the total cost of the contract is £240.

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