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If you’ve got a Blockbuster promotional coupon code then make sure you visit Blockbuster.co.uk/Offer to redeem your code and signup to a Blockbuster DVD Rental Plan.

Blockbuster DVD Rental makes if really easy to rental the latest films, as you have the option to rent online or click and collect in your nearest Blockbuster store. If you choose to rent online then Blockbuster will send you the DVD in the post, for you to watch at your leisure, and then post back in the pre-paid envelope supplied.

With Blockbuster DVD rental you can choose from over 70,000 titles to either rent online or in-store as part of the same plan. You also get the chance to watch exclusive movies up to 2 months before LoveFilm, and 1 year before Sky Movies.

If you’re not convince, then you can try Blockbuster DVD Rental for two weeks for just £1, with no obligation. This will give you 2 weeks worth of unlimited rentals, so you can really find out whether this service is for you. You can cancel with two week trial at any time.

Go to Blockbuster.co.uk/Offer >>